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James Williamson & Deniz Tek's Two To One: timeless, old-school rock'n'roll

Veteran pioneers crank it up as a Stooge James Williamson and Birdman Deniz Tek combine forces on Two To One

James Williamson & Deniz Tek: Two To One
(Image: © Cleopatra Records)

As the sonic architects behind the brutalism of Iggy And The StoogesRaw Power and Radio Birdman’s Australian proto-punk respectively, James Williamson and Deniz Tek have each left their indelible mark on the development of rock’n’roll. These are legacies carved so deep that their influence will endure long after we’re all gone. 

Two To One is the sound of two guitarists getting together for the sheer hell of it. The result is a fun, no-frills album, and what it lacks in surprises makes up for with visceral thrills. 

Few sounds are as genuinely pleasing as Williamson firing his custom Les Paul through a high-gain valve amp, not least when hitting the dusty end of the neck on Climate Change

Tek is in fine voice throughout, and his meditation on mortality, in the shape of Stable, pushes the buttons of recognition. Old-school rock’n’roll, but without a sell-by date.