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Horisont: Time Warriors

Another high-end offering from the Scandic school of retro-rock

Just when we got used to Kadavar’s homage to beardy pencil-waisted 70s rock, Horisont come bouldering back onto the scene to steal the crown from the kings-of-cool with a third bash at trippy, riff-driven retro-rock.

Rather than taking the musty paths trodden by the likes of Pentagram and Witchcraft, Horisont have been rattling about in box sets penned on the other side of the Atlantic – Blue Cheer, a bit of Cactus. The sound is oh-so-fashionably analogue, propelling them into the good books of any retro-loving connoisseur.

Yes, there are smacks of Ozzy and co, but the jaunty nature of Time Warriors has ears darting off to the more progressive likes of Deep Purple. Expect something less boogie than debut Två Sidor Av Horisonten and more verve than 2012’s Second Assault but don’t palm off Horisont as another throwback. They have chops.