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Heaven In Her Arms - White Halo album review

Atmospheric Tokyo crew lose their bearings in the post

Cover art for Heaven In Her Arms - White Halo album

Proponents of post-hardcore and post-metal, Heaven In Her Arms have now moved on to post-black metal. Drawing from the same well as Deafheaven and the Americanised extreme metal style, the five-piece stop short of creating anything truly inspiring. Surrounded by a cold and mournful atmosphere, the calmer moments lack the spaciousness and ambition of Alcest, despite the subgenre lending itself to shimmering soundscapes. The BM barrages hit hardest, with Kent’s glassgargling vocals exploding with power and hostility on Abyss Of The Moonbow, but the ‘post’ elements struggle to connect in a meaningful way. Many ideas are thrown around, but the clean guitar lines feel bolted on – even the electronics on epic closer Turbid Fog feel half-arsed. In a scene that relies on experimentation, it’s a mistake to tread water while your peers are already swimming to new and fruitful shores.