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Hang The Bastard: 2009 - 2012

Fearsome metalcore fundamentalists take stock

Hang The Bastard play metalcore – real metalcore: the type that is as heavily drenched in the relentless stomp and swagger of hardcore as it is poisoned by the sort of riffs and flailing guitar work that would give any self-respecting Celtic Frost fan an aural boner.

Yet you might not know this, because an unfortunate theme with the West London quartet is a type of self-sabotage that has resulted in too many frustratingly shoddy live performances. But that’s all in the past; having parted ways with vocalist Chris Barling back in April, and recruited former Deal With It growler Mike Carver (and currently working on a new LP), what better a way to close one chapter of the group’s history than by reissuing virtually every piece of recorded material in their catalogue?

CD one features their brutal, thrash bastard full-length, 2010’s Hellfire Reign, while CD two is comprised of an admittedly more hit’n’miss collection of EPs, demos, splits etc, that nonetheless perfectly encapsulates the sheer ferocity and early history of an overlooked band.