Fozzy - Judas album review

Chris Jericho’s melodic rockers prove they can go the distance

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Fozzy have always said they’re an evolving band, and on their seventh album this process has never been more obvious. Some aspects haven’t changed, not least Rich Ward’s thrusting guitar wails. His melodies remain paramount, but there are clear developments elsewhere. Grooves switch between the gritty and the smooth while vocalist Chris Jericho displays an increased awareness of how to vary his voice. This comes into focus on Painless and Capsized, which are shameless, balls-out power ballads. Fozzy occasionally nod towards nu metal – you’ll hear moments of Disturbed on songs such as Wordsworth Way and the excellent Judas but there are also some bruising traditional metal riffs on SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“4fa00be8-3e4b-4970-ac1a-80dc12bf89f9” id=“1a644f23-7ab5-4837-8a9f-b5b5032265b2”>Drinkin’ With Jesus and Three Days In Jail. The band have taken a great deal of care to ensure their songwriting and production is of the highest calibre and it’s been worth the effort.