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Filter: The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Sixth album from the ex-NIN industrialists.

The term ‘industrial’ has sure loosened up since Throbbing Gristle coined it in the 1970s to describe their extreme noise terror onslaught. Later redefined by Nine Inch Nails, Cleveland’s Filter arrived in the early 1990s led by former Reznor guitarist Richard Patrick, mutating the form into platinum-selling air-punchers which enraptured teens looking to walk on the wilder side.

Still tagged as industrial, Filter’s sixth album ejaculates the right snarling guitar riffs and chest-beating choruses over naughty-naughty titles like This Finger’s For You, while attempting U2-style sensitivity on It’s My Time.

Maybe hilariously, considering the video-friendly drama being aimed at, First You Break It conjures images of Justin Bieber when he makes that inevitable nasty rock album, cavorting in a black puddle.