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Falling In Reverse: Just Like You

Post-hardcore whipping boys keep themselves in check

2013’s shamelessly nutty Fashionably Late was about as divisive as it gets, and Falling In Reverse’s decision to rein in the madness and simplify their approach this time out has worked wonders.

Yes, there are still moments of barmy genre-splicing – it takes less than three minutes for breathless opener Chemical Prisoner to dip into a bit of tokenistic electronica and the dorky rapping on Wait And See will grate for some – but this is a well-crafted, earnest and diverse set of modern rock and metal anthems.

Ronnie Radke continues to showcase his considerable songwriting prowess and the indisputable talents of his cohorts, particularly those of guitarist Jacky Vincent, who’s one of the most underrated shredders in the game and stamps his solos all over the joint.

From the heavy metal gallop of God, If You Are Above… and glammy swagger of Sexy Drug to the ballsier, metalcore-primed stylings of Guillotine IV, The Bitter End and Die For You, this is still unlike anything else you’ll likely hear this year, and ludicrous fun for it./o:p