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Evocation: Illusions Of Grandeur

Swedish death veterans get some Viking spirit

Formed in 1991, Sweden’s Evocation were right in the thick of the country’s death metal explosion, but split about a year later with only two demo tapes to their name.

Like myriad other Swedish acts of the period, the group reunited in the middle of the 00s, and while the three well-received full-length albums released since suggest that the group were right to return, this fourth effort is far too generic to excite any but the most fervent fan of the genre.

To be more specific, the guest appearance of Johan Hegg on Into Submission is indicative of more than a passing admiration for Amon Amarth; this album could have been released by that band. That’s no bad thing and the music here bears the same unshowy musicianship and epic blend of death metal and heavy metal that made Twilight Of The Thunder God so enjoyable. But with so many Amon Amarth albums already available, the value of such a straight reproduction is highly questionable.