Devil Sold His Soul, Polar and Foes at the Thekla, Bristol - live review

The Gospel- live

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(Image: © Katja Ogrin)

While FOES [6] deliver delicate introspection, POLAR [7] deliver unquenchable passion and breakdowns with sledgehammer ferocity. DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL [8] make this intimate venue seem exponentially bigger, exuding power and grace with equal dexterity. Opener In The Absence Of Light hits the sweet spot between the highest peaks and most uncomfortable depths from where the band continue to expand and explore. The dual vocals of Ed Gibbs and Paul Green jostle for position, all adding to the push and pull dynamics of Between Two Words. Awaiting The Flood ignites a pit, while former member Ian Trotter takes on bass duties for the spellbinding Dawn Of The First Day. Hope ends the 10th anniversary run-through of their debut A Fragile Hope in euphoric fashion before the stirring crescendos of End Of Days closes out the celebration. It’s a rousing triumph.