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Dennis DeYoung's 26 East: Volume 1 - breathtaking in scope and sound

26 East: Volume 1 is a lavish, theatrical, inspired album from former Styx man Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung: 26 East: Volume 1
(Image: © Frontiers)

This is the former Styx man’s first solo album in more than a decade, and it’s breathtaking in both scope and sound. 

East Of Midnight sets the tone for the diversity and unity of purpose throughout, as DeYoung’s unmistakable voice swirls through a track punctuated with sublime orchestral detail. 

The pop-rock glide of With All Due Respect underlines a lyrical pricking of TV personality pomposity. Damn That Dream pumps out a cautionary tale of getting lost in your own ambition. Best of all, To The Good Old Days has DeYoung duetting with Julian Lennon on a carousel of nostalgic whimsy. 

If you want to equate this to any Styx album, then Paradise Theatre comes to mind. Like that 1981 classic, it has drama, momentous melodies and the sense of an era closing. Final track A.D. 2020 even ends with the words ‘Welcome to paradise’. 

DeYoung remains a master of his art.