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Deiphago: Into The Eye Of Satan

The Philippines’ lords of chaos keep pace with the endtimes

Another barbaric assault from ‘Filipino Antichrists’ Deiphago shows them once again pushing the limits of bestial war metal.

Fans of Conqueror and Axis Of Advance will undoubtedly revel in the furious pace and at times almost out-of-control maelstrom, while others may find it a little over the top.

Into The Eye Of Satan has a slightly less primitive edge than previous releases, thanks in part to Colin Marston of Gorguts at the helm.

It’s a clearer sound that amps up the intensity of a noise that can become so chaotic it’s a marvel how the band can hold it together. Desperate vocals rant and howl above the blistering attack and demented leads swirl over a battery of relentless drumming, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere with no breathing space between each track. Making an impressive amount of noise for just three people, Deiphago don’t strive to reinvent the wheel but make it spin faster and more off course. With so much violence and terrorism in the media at the moment, Into The Eye Of Satan seems like the appropriate soundtrack to darker days ahead. War is hell!