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Curimus: Artificial Revolution

Finland’s modern thrashers continue to evolve

Artificial Revolution, the second full-length offering from self-declared ‘modern thrash metal band’ Curimus, sees the four-piece push their sound into some new and interesting places as they continue their musical evolution.

At times a fast, frenetic effort from the Finns, there are lots of ideas on the 11-track opus and there’s an added emphasis on melody in both the guitar solos and the slight smattering of clean vocals this time round, too.

Powerful and diverse, the record would have made a stronger impact if some of the fat had been trimmed off (Blade In-Blood Out and Unchained are unremarkable romps), but in the gritty, grandiose Preachings and the call-to-arms pit anthem that is Free-Standing Nation they’ve got tracks that will be in their setlist for a long time to come.

Although Artificial Revolution isn’t quite the finished article, it’s clear that Curimus are continuing to grow and mature as writers and players, and the likes of the ironically titled, anthemic Love Song leaves us confident that they’ve got a bright future.