Cruciamentium: Charnel Passages

British death metallers channel the oldest and darkest spirits

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Back after a brief hiatus, Cruciamentum have honed their craft to a caustic edge since the release of the Convocation Of Crawling Chaos demo and the well-received Engulfed In Desolation EP.

Charnel Passages showcases more precision and a tightness of structured songs with a clarity that retains the atmosphere and aggression.

Building on a template of 90s death metal, the prominence of riffs and the importance of melody is captured in a perfect production.

More technical moments flow seamlessly above a steady battery of flexible drumming and clear rhythm for a satisfying gallop similar to that of Bolt Thrower and recent Necros Christos. Alongside Dead Congregation and Grave Miasma, with whom they share members, the spirit of old-guard death metal is still alive and heading to darker realms. Each release sees the band going from strength to strength, and Charnel Passages continues their ascent into the upper echelons held for the current death metal bands who keep the essence of the genre alive with their own vitality.