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Crescent - The Order Of Amenti album review

Epic, blackened death extremity from Cairo practitioners

Cover art for Crescent - The Order Of Amenti album

Inspired by the bloody history and mythology of their native Egypt and peppered with ethnic instruments and musical scales, blackened death metallers Crescent’s second full-length is an eardrum-battering, barrier-breaking affair. While it’s a little front-loaded and they could have pushed their more esoteric influences further, The Order Of Amenti is a strong statement of intent from the Cairo natives. Reciting Spells To Mutilate Apophis is particularly impressive thanks to some eerie chanting and herculean drumming from Amr Mokhtar, the epic Obscuring The Light could serve as a suitable soundtrack to an ancient skirmish, and the savage Sons Of Monthu boasts unearthly black metal screeches. Although Crescent aren’t quite the finished article yet – Beyond The Path Of Amenti is workmanlike, as is In The Name Of Osiris – their second opus is still a huge step in the right direction.