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Corrupt Moral Altar: Luciferian Deathcult

Grind/sludge grievances from the wrong side of the tracks

With a title like Luciferian Deathcult, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was the latest Incantation-worshipping occult death metal album. But smelling not of sacred incense and ritual blood but stale sweat, and with not a hint of church candles to be seen, Corrupt Mortal Altar spew forth a virulent mix of glasspaper-raw vocals, migraine-inducing grind and utterly miserable sludge.

This EP represents a best of British celebration of the nastier side of life. Imagine Iron Monkey and Napalm Death taking turns to smash you around the head with half-bricks, and just when you think it’s all over, Heresy vomit in your hair and nick your bus fare home. It all sounds very much like it was recorded on a diet of cheap fags, extra strong lager and late night takeaways; not so much evil spirits as cheap spirits.

This limited EP – only 150 physical copies so get your skates on, although it’s also available digitally – is 18 minutes of hangovers, shit jobs, no jobs and despair. Dig deep so they can buy a better class of lager.