Corpsessed: Abysmal Thresholds

Impure, deathly incantations from the edge of the abyss

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After the ridiculously filthy The Dagger And The Chalice EP in 2011, Finland’s Corpsessed promised much in the way of danger and disgust, and their twisted, feral, death metal attack is one that courses with outrageous impurity.

Abysmal Thresholds is their debut full-length and continues with the brazen, occultic swagger of their first release (as well as 2012’s self-titled EP) and somehow adds more dirt and death to an already impenetrable mix. Niko Matilainen’s vocals are insanely rendered – all growls and ever-deeper guttural roars – and Necrosophic Channeling dredges the lowest wastelands of the primordial swamp to create an atmosphere of violence.

Corpsessed battle for the darkness and in Transcend Beyond Human they incorporate screams and backing vocals that evoke chaos and draw the band ever closer to annihilation. This is utterly realised on the sickening closer The Threshold, meaning that Abysmal Thresholds is the sound of a band evolving and embracing the supernatural void that their brand of death metal holds so dear to its corrupted core.