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Citadel: Ne Obliviscaris

Australian prog metal finds a new and unique voice

The Australian metal scene

The much-abused term ‘prog metal’ indubitably applies here, but this intrepid metallic voyage bears little resemblance to Dream Theater or Opeth. Instead, this is an authentic exercise in shoulder-barging boundaries. It begins with eeriness, suspense and art rock violins before veering off into a wild but elaborate storm of black metal skree, turning on a sixpence for a brief moment of melodic respite and then zooming off into the blastbeatosphere, replete with grandiose vocal refrains worthy of Borknagar. And that’s just the first eight minutes. A surfeit of ideas can often lead to a mess, but Ne Obliviscaris have crafted all their wild conceits into sprawling epics that flow with grace and fortitude. Citadel is a blind plunge well worth taking.

Via Season Of Mist