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Chrome: Feel It Like A Scientist

Latest album from legendary San Francisco tech-metallers.

Chrome formed in mid-1975, originally led by the late Damon Edge, their music a peculiar mutation of heavy rock with avant-garde knobs on, as showcased on their 1979 masterpiece Half Machine Lip Moves.

They represented a cyber future for metal that was never really taken up. They themselves, however (now led by guitarist/vocalist Helios Creed) are still keeping the faith.

Technology that once was undreamt of and a slickness that comes with age and experience sees them settle into their own groove on Feel It Like A Scientist: from the arpeggiated, scuffed-up synthpop of Lipstick to Nymph Droid, straight-ahead radio rock strafed with waves of synth, acid splashes and scalding swathes of interference.

David Stubbs
David Stubbs

David Stubbs is a music, film, TV and football journalist. He has written for The Guardian, NME, The Wire and Uncut, and has written books on Jimi Hendrix, Eminem, Electronic Music and the footballer Charlie Nicholas.