Chicago: The Studio Albums 1979-2008

Those ballad years in full...

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There was a time when Chicago’s blend of rock, prog and horn- laden jazz would have sounded like the perfect, prog-friendly fit for many of our readers. But all that changed on 31 July 1976, when they released a track from Chicago X as a single.

The hit singles dried up after that, as did the platinum albums, but if you’re fond of AOR mixed with the odd proggy flourish, there’s still enjoyable fare on Twenty 1 (1991), although less to like on the big band Night & Day (1995) and 2006’s Chicago XXX. But this collection ends on a triumphant note with the excellent Stone Of Sisyphus, the album rejected by Warners in 1994 when the band attempted to turn their back on the ballads and return to their former sound. Idiots. (Warners, that is…)