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Chelsea Grin – Eternal Nightmare album review

Deathcore diehards Chelsea Grin shuffle the deck but remain on cruise control for Eternal Nightmare

Chelsea Grin – Eternal Nightmare album cover
Eternal Nightmare

Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare album cover

1. Dead Rose
2. The Wolf
3. Across The Earth
4. See You Soon
5. 9:30am
6. Limbs
7. Scent Of Evil
8. Hostage
9. Nobody Listened
10. Outliers
11. Eternal Nightmare

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Eternal Nightmare is new territory for Chelsea Grin. Not only is it their first album with brand new singer Tom Barber, but it also marks their debut outing as a four-piece. 

Unfortunately, the music of the bruisers’ fifth LP refuses to reflect this, instead spending its time indulging in a multitude of unabashed deathcore clichés. 

A heavily tattooed vocalist that goes ‘BLEGH!’ a lot? Check! Incessant breakdowns? Check! Vague yet macabre lyrics? Check! Outside of choice moments like Across The Earth’s sublime keyboards and Hostage’s ominous bridge, Eternal Nightmare is deathcore at its most bare bones. 

However, for those who want precisely that with minimal deviation, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth from this album. Diehard deathcore loyalists will adore kicking each other’s faces to the grooving sound of Limbs and Outliers, but the rest of us may be left slightly less enthusiastic.