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CFCF: Outside

Navel-gazing chill-out for the post-clubbing prog generation?

CFCF is Montreal-based producer, musician, DJ Mike Silver, and his second full-length album continues the path he began on 2009 LP Continents. Since then he has developed electro-prog flavoured songs and soundscapes inspired by art, architecture, nature, and the impact of the modern world on the individual.

Jump Out Of The Train bears a passing resemblance to Peter Gabriel’s San Jacinto, and This Breath and The Crossing are reminiscent of Phil Collins in his darker, more reflective moments. Elsewhere, new age sounds meet downbeat synth-pop, and combine with understated vocals and the vibe of a calmer and quieter Japan, as in Walking In The Dust.

While they’re generally effective, Silver’s tunes tend to lack the drama, dynamic shifts and punchiness of such artists. The music is considered, thoughtful, often hypnotic, with repeated rhythmic or keyboard refrains underpinning every track, but it rarely gets out of second gear and does little likely to surprise or challenge.

Trance-like, soothing, contemplative, and somewhat cinematic, this would act as excellent come-down music after a heavy prog night out, but it’s one to avoid if you’re trying to get the party started.