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Cavern Of Anti-Matter: Void Beats/Invocation Trex

Palatial progtronica from Stereolab man.

With Stereolab on indefinite hiatus, leader Tim Gane has been pouring his creativity into a variety of soundtrack work over the past few years.

He’s also fired up this new Berlin-based trio, bringing in Stereolab’s original drummer, Joe Dilworth, and synth master Holger Zapf. After 2013’s limited vinyl effort Blood-Drums, Anti-Matter’s first album proper is an epic amalgam of kosmische grooves and industrial drones, fizzing with electronic effects and the busy rattle of overlaid guitar and drums. The 13-minute Tardis Cymbals is a gripping piece of throbtronica in 78 time inspired by Gane’s experiments with drum machines, and the same post-Krautrock sensibility pervades Insect Fear, albeit with a slightly rougher, garagey feel. Tangerine Dream’s classic early 70s work is evoked on the truly gorgeous Echolalia. Most everything here is instrumental, though there are guest vocal cameos from Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom and, on the terrific Liquid Gate, avowed Stereolab nut, Bradford Cox. You’ll also find echoes of post-punk innovators 23 Skidoo and This Heat in the mantric bustle of Hi-Hats Bring The Hiss. A revelation from top to toe.