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Born Of Osiris: Tomorrow We Die ∆live

The Windy City’s scintillating tech metallers perfect their vision

Whereas 2011’s superb The Discovery was a potent melding of blazing metallic histrionics, hardcore beatdowns and lavish ivory tinkling, Born Of Osiris’s sumptuous opus meshes them into a seamless collage that signals them out as heirs apparent.

The dramatic M∆chine boasts an emphatic production making the most out of the clinical beats and Lee McKinney’s scintillating lead sweeps. The lavish keys and strings add a symphonic air, with Divergency’s neo-classical grandeur and Venge∆nce’s gothic drawl.

BOO also do the basics well, with the dual vocal barks, scathing riffs and punishing blows anchoring the flamboyant rhythms of Im∆gin∆ry Condition. Virtuosic without being overblown, adventurous but reserved, and most importantly heavy as hell, this has got ‘next big thing’ written all over it.

Rugby, Sean Bean and power ballad superfan Adam has been writing for Hammer since 2007, and has a bad habit of constructing sentences longer than most Dream Theater songs. Can usually be found cowering at the back of gigs in Bristol and Cardiff. Bruce Dickinson once called him a 'sad bastard'.