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Black Mare: Field Of The Host

Spacey post-rock solo venture from the psych-doom lady.

Stepping out from the echelons of now-defunct psych-doom brigade Black Math Horseman, Sera Timms now performs vocals/bass duties with the similarly inclined Ides Of Gemini. She’s also formulated a different kind of trippy bleakness with Field Of The Host — proclaimed as more ‘solemn whisper’ material than the ‘deafening roar of inevitability’ encompassed by those two other acts.

As such, her ethereal vocals expand into dreamy prominence with the ambient doom of Saturn’s Grave, with alt-indie hints in the guitars and melody of Fighting Birds (think ‘doom mindset’ in a delicate framework, minus the ‘slow-motion Cookie Monster’ roar).

It’s pensive post-rock for late nights and atmospheric escapism, hypnotically oozing into your ever more spaced-out face, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. True, that may be beside the point with a saturated, doom-laden slice like this, but if Timms were to take Black Mare any further she may benefit from more dramatic extremes, or heightening the intensity already here.

As it is, if you’re after darkly ambient, hypnotic and disorientating music to see you through the small hours, Field Of The Host will do nicely.