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Bad Brains: Into The Future

Hardcore pioneers keep the spirit alive

If we’re being honest, Bad Brains will likely never regain the furious, sonic straight-razor stropping of their vintage years. Really though, how could they? Present-day acceptance for hardcore punk is 180 ̊ away from where it was in the late 70s and 80s and the members are old enough to be playing Xmas Santas at their grandkids’ pre-schools.

Though there’s no denying that Bad Brains can still catch a fire. Songs like Yes I and Suck Sess are definitely not I Against I or Pay To Cum, but they possess that certain punk spirit. Earnest Love is a white-hot, slow-grinder akin to the classic Re-Ignition, while the dub and reggae is never far behind.

There are moments where they tap into hideous, 90s radio-rock (Popcorn) and a few cheesy, self-references (We Belong Together), but when HR’s vocal moan and scat is still this powerful and they blast off with a rip roarin’, power-chorded instrumental like Come Down, it’s clear that Bad Brains still have the spirit of the 70s running through their veins.