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Audiocæneat!: Red Sessions

The cream of Germany’s young progressive crop.

Channelling the aggressive shoegazing of My Vitriol and the muscular post-rock of God Is An Astronaut, Audiocæneat!’s densely textured progressive rock is quickly earning them attention outside their native Germany, centering around this tremendous debut record.

For fans of the sonic experimentation of bands like And So I Watch You From Afar who may however be less enamoured of their pacy, math-rock approach, these guys will come as a welcome addition to the prog landscape.

The only real criticism to level at Red Sessions is that, with close to a one-hour runtime and only six tracks, it’s tricky to navigate. Certainly Audiocæneat! don’t pull any punches in that department, and the complex sketches that they flesh out are sometimes so obtuse that they shoot wide of the mark. However this does ensure that there are substantial rewards for the repeat listener, as sprawling tracks like Kalypso gradually reveal themselves over time.

The immediate Painting The Earth With Night Flares is a good starting point for the casual listener, but there is no easy entry point to Audiocæneat!. That’s just part of the beauty of it.