As Gods: Crystalline

Not yet divine, but give them time.

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A four-track EP doesn’t always offer a true guide to really appraise a new band’s talent. On first listen, the music pedalled by Bristol newcomers As Gods sounds frightfully generic, so much so that if Simon Cowell decided to manufacture a progressive-emo band, it would sound like this. But while early impressions may not be good, fortunately repeated plays of Crystalline reveal the band’s real potential.

They’ve got it in them to become more than just another in the procession of acts taking this well-worn approach. Certainly the trance intro to Puzzle proves their desire to develop outside the mould, and despite its clichéd prog title, Wolves Of Siberia is the strongest track. Juddering along with some frantic riffs and moving through some distinct and haunting phases, it has a welcome originality.

On the flipside, the remaining tracks Faith and Crystalline are playing it too safe, delivered as if they’re trying to write to format. It’s also hard to determine whether it’s the vocalist or the vocal melodies which are awkward, but too often they don’t really fit with the lavish musical backdrops. That said, such flaws are easily tweaked, and As Gods remain a band to watch.