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Aphyxion: Earth Entangled

Danish debutants keep the melodeath flame alive

While the big news in melodic death metal is undoubtedly

Proudly wearing their influences on their sleeves while injecting a much-needed shot of vitality, Earth Entangled throbs with the vibrancy and musical chops of a band far beyond their formative years. The iron-plated chug of The Deterioration and regal twin-leads of Despicable evoke the glorious partnerships of the Amotts and Stromblad/Gelotte, while the rhythm section excels through solid beats and bursts of explosive tempos and fills. Though harsh, Michael Vahl’s vocal attack nonetheless delivers a bevy of infectious hooks over the harmonies of No More Days Of Prime, while also focusing on optimism and positivity even when discussing the heavy subject matters such as religion, global warming and police states on the likes of Blind Belief. Aphyxion are poised for great things.

Via Mighty Music