Antarktis - Ildlaante album review

Sweden’s sludgy post-metallers come apart at the final hurdle

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Antarktis started life as a side-project of Sweden’s In Mourning. However, time took its toll and it’s not until now that we are graced with their crushing debut, characterised by churning coils of guitar and the punishing vocals of Daniel Jansson. The punchy Svalbard allows gorgeous glimpses of light to filter through the dense guitars, giving time to take a breather before striding into the darkness with the band playing opposing elements off each other to create walls of sound that are rife with emotion. The only lacking moment comes in the two parter album closer, Cape Meteor. Where the first part ascends, the second proves to be a meandering anticlimax to an otherwise stirring work. It’s a shame, as Ildlaante is a solid entry into the sludgy, post-metal arena.