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Anacondas: Sub Contra Blues

Ex-Johnny Truant members arise and expand their horizons

In late 2008 one of the UK’s most respected metal acts, Johnny Truant, suddenly and inexplicably ceased to be. It’s been some four years since those last live shows saw the Brighton mob bow out, but now ex-members and brothers – guitarist/songwriter Stuart Hunter and bassist James Hunter, along with drummer Timothy Newman – have returned in the guise of Anacondas.

With a sound the band themselves have dubbed as ‘slunge’, Anacondas’ debut sees the trio keep a seed of that Truant vibe, while veering heavily into a stoner-influenced sludge and grungy metal sound.

While opener You Set The Moon On Fire, the title track and This Night Will Last Forever see Anacondas explore melodic shoegaze territory, it’s tracks such as Cold Blooded And Warm Hearted and High Horses that find the band at their best as they bombard with progressive, fuzzed-out low-end sludge riffs.

With Sub Contra Blues, Anacondas are bound to have parallels drawn with the likes of Pelicans and Isis, and that is no bad thing.