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Adept: Sleepless

Putting the heart and the heaviness back into post-hardcore


This Swedish quintet dole out aggression, passion and catchiness in equal measures. Adept’s fourth full-length brings new levels of confidence and maturity, and some very solid songwriting.

The tangle of rage and beauty of Dark Clouds is immediately addictive, while Wounds and Carry The Weight are infused with memorable, singalong choruses. The second half of the album is a touch heavier, The Choirs Of Absolution dialling up ferocious growls and mathcore fretwork, and then throwing a choir in the mix to further heighten the sense of euphoria.

Versatile frontman Robert Ljung is a star in his own right: uncompromising on the rawer vocals, emotive when singing cleanly, and sincere in his spoken words on tracks such as powerful album closer Sleepless.

Written and played with as much honesty as fury, this album is a great start to the new year for fans of emotionally intelligent post-hardcore.