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Abominator: Evil Proclaimed

Australian war metallers sound the drums once more

The infamous war metal sound was built in the early 90s on an axis rooted in three different continents: Europe, with the Finnish insanity known as Beherit; North America, thanks to Canadian ‘Satanic skinheads’ Blasphemy; and Australia, first with Corpse Molestation and then its later (re)incarnation, the aptly named Bestial Warlust.

Yet to this day, this small yet vibrant sub-scene remains like a VIP club with few members, one of them being Melbourne-based Abominator, whose fluctuating lineup at some point included two members of Bestial Warlust.

After four full-lengths and nine years’ silence, Evil Proclaimed sees the band’s core duo returning to their early bestial roots and back to black metal hell after a few more death metal-infused albums, as underlined by the mandatory blasphemous Chris Moyen artwork.

But as typically Australian and crude as this blend of old-school black and thrash is, there’s a refreshed sense of focus that makes it a very exuberant yet controlled form of chaos, done by 20-year pros that may not be the most adventurous around, but who know exactly what they’re doing./o:p