Zetro wanted Exodus job more than Dukes


Exodus drummer Tom Hunting says returned frontman Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza “wanted it” more than the sacked Rob Dukes.

Zetro returned to the band for a third spell during the recording sessions for new album Blood In Blood Out, with Exodus saying they wanted their 10th album to be “special.” Dukes – who had held the job from 2005 until this year – had to make way for the man he replaced almost 10 years ago.

Hunting tells JamMagazine: “I think he wanted it more than Rob did, and we really needed somebody that wanted it like we did. I think album was 92% done, I would say, before we asked Zet to come in and do vocals.

“And he had the material for about six hours, worked on it by himself at home, and he came in and he just fucking crushed on it. And not to take anything away from Rob, but when Zet came in and sang on it, it just sounded really natural.”

Hunting adds that Zetro is on cloud nine after his successful comeback.

He says: “It’s been awesome. I mean, it’s refreshing. He’s kind of still in the honeymoon stage again — that will wear off, I’m sure — but for right now he’s happy.

“He just walks around every day with a big old smile on his face. I think vocally he’s come a long way in taking care of his craft.”

Blood In Blood Out was released in October via Nuclear Blast and features a guest appearance from former member – and current Metallica guitarist – Kirk Hammett.