Wylde: Writing is like digging for dinosaur bones


Zakk Wylde says he can live with the fact that he can’t write great songs with every attempt.

The Black Label Society mainman and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist believes it’s just a case of continuing to put the effort in – and that he’s not alone in feeling that way.

Wylde tells Mixdown: “You just look at it like, ‘We’re digging for dinosaur bones in a two-mile radius, and they’re in here somewhere.

“‘Let’s see if we find anything today. Even if you come up with nothing today, let’s go get something to eat and start tomorrow. We’ll look again – we know they’re out there.’”

With nine BLS albums under his belt, he feels confident with his approach. “It’ll come, but getting freaked out about it’s not helping anything,” he says.

“I think that happens with everybody when you’re writing all the time. Neil Young never stops writing. Robert Plant doesn’t stop either. That’s from sheer joy and love of creating.”

BLS launched latest album Catacombs Of The Black Vatican last year. They’re currently touring Australia and New Zealand with further shows booked in North America later this month.