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Wondering who to blame/thank for nu metal? Blame Carcass, says Jeff Walker

(Image credit: Carcass)

Carcass vocalist/bassist Jeff Walker says his band are to blame for the existence of nu metal, which he calls a “disastrous side-effect” of Carcass’ influence.

Interviewed in the current issue of Metal Hammer, Walker looks back over the band’s colourful career, which, in the words of writer Dave Everley, “saw them transform from pathology-fixated grindcore malcontents to major label death metal powerhouse”, and concedes that in 2021 the re-activated Liverpool metallers are part of the metal establishment: “The narcissist in me assumes it was my destiny,” he  states, dryly.

“I think because we did something different, we obviously had an impact on people and on other bands,” Walker reflects. “We don’t get credit for it, but hey, that’s just tough shit.”

“We downtuned to B and we kind of introduced that to the world of metal as far as I'm concerned. There probably was somebody else who tuned to B, but I can’t think of anyone. It had some disastrous side effects, such as nu metal.”

Asked whether he’s taking the credit for nu metal, Walker says, “In some respects, we kind of are responsible.”

“They [nu metal’s top-tier bands, including Korn, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot] all worked with [producer] Ross Robinson, and he was a Carcass fan - he stole Symphonies Of Sickness from Tower Records in Los Angeles when it came out,” he reveals. “A lot of those bands tuned to B. But they don’t know why they’re doing it half the time.”

You can read the full interview with Jeff Walker, plus in-depth features on Iron Maiden, Alien Weaponry, Employed To Serve, Health, Between The Buried And Me and much, much more.

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Carcass’ seventh studio album, Torn Arteries, is due for release on September 17, via Nuclear Blast.