Winery Dogs on a Hot Streak

The Winery Dogs will release their second album Hot Streak on October 2 on Loud & Proud Records via RED.

The trio of drummer Mike Portnoy, bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen will issue the project on the eve of a world tour, which begins October 3 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Following the success of 2013’s self-titled debut and an extensive tour, the band hit the studio in January and found they’ve locked into a natural chemistry as players and songwriters.

Kotzen says: “I feel we’ve taken the band to another level. The compositions are stronger on this album. I feel more connected lyrically and musically to what I did on this record than on the last one. We’ve widened the musical scope of the band on this record and moved it forward.”

Portnoy adds: “Everything on this album was more of a collaboration than on the first album. There’s just a natural chemistry. The three of us really mesh very, very well, both musically and personally. The mission of this band is to write catchy songs, and not have the musicianship overpower that.”

Bassist Sheehan says: “I’m glad we’re not playing it safe and just doing songs that automatically fit in the category of what we did on the first record. Some of them are a little different, and we definitely took chances. And you have to do that — otherwise, you don’t grow.”

Fans will be able to preview Hot Streak when the project’s lead single, Oblivion, is issued later this month.

Hot Streak will initially be released on CD and digital download, with a double vinyl edition due in early November.


01. Oblivion 02. Captain Love 03. Hot Streak 04. How Long 05. Empire 06. Fire 07. Ghost Town 08. The Bridge 09. War Machine 10. Spiral 11. Devil You Know 12. Think It Over 13. The Lamb