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What to expect from Down at Bloodstock

It is true. Bloodstock 2014 is just over a week away! If that doesn't excite you, you probably deserve to be strapped into a very uncomfortable chair and tortured by an evil dwarf with a cattle-prod. No, really. We're so excited that we called up Down guitarist Pepper Keenan to find out five things to expect from their headline set...

“Aaaah man, I cannot wait for Bloodstock! It’s only around the corner. First thing you can expect from us is… NEW MATERIAL.”

“And I guess I should probably warn you that it’s gonna be LOUD AS FUCK.”

“Bear in mind, you’re gonna be watching Down. That means you should expect a whole lotta ATTITUDE.”

“And, us being Down and all, I’m sure there’ll be just a little DEBAUCHERY.”

“One more? Easy. STRONGBOW.”

Catch Down on the Friday of Bloodstock next week. Get your tickets here.

You can also read about Pepper’s love for Led Zeppelin in the new issue of Metal Hammer, available here (opens in new tab).