Watch Wes Borland front Limp Bizkit with some random dude on guitar for the weirdest version of My Way ever

Wes Borland singing
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Limp Bizkit's insistence on getting fans as involved as possible in their shows are one of the reasons they've earned their reputation as one of the funnest live bands in metal. Frontman Fred Durst bringing a member of the audience up on stage to help him rap a classic Bizkit track is one of his most tried and tested formulas, but did you know that he's not the only one in the band to occasionally share his live duties?

At a Limp Bizkit show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in May 2016, after the nu metal legends had just covered classic Rage Against The Machine track Killing In The Name, a fan was brought on stage to take over from Wes Borland on guitar. In a video since posted from the show, Durst and Borland can both be seen asking the fan what Bizkit track he'd like to play, with a brief back-and-forth seemingly resulting in Chocolate Starfish... cut My Way getting the nod.

Sure enough, the plucky fan begins playing the unmistakeable opening notes from My Way, backed by DJ Lethal on the decks. As the rest of the band kick in, however, something even stranger happens - Wes Borland proceeds to grab the mic and begins to sing the track, strutting, posing and gesticulating as he does so.

What follows is one of the most bizarre versions of a Limp Bizkit song we've ever seen, not least thanks to Borland being dressed in attire that makes him look like one of The Hives has died and been brought back to life as a ghost.

Watch the video below.

Last week, a Michigan judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Wes Borland against his ex-wife, Queen Kwong's Carré Callaway. The suit accused Callaway of damaging Borland's “public image and reputation”, following a review of Queen Kwong's 2022 'break-up album' Couples Only, alongside a feature article about the record, both written by English journalist Mischa Pearlman.

Borland claimed that the content of the article breeched a divorce agreement that stated “neither party may make speeches, give interviews, or make public statements that defame the other party.”

In his ruling, Judge Farhat stated: “The court does not find that [Callaway] made any defamatory statements regarding [Borland]. In the Bandcamp Daily article, [Callaway] expressed her opinions, frustrations, and the struggles of her divorce from [Borland]. Ms. Callaway did not specifically indicate that [Borland] was the cause of her being ‘broke and homeless.’ All other statements referenced in [Borland’s] motion are either [Callaway’s] reflection of her feelings or insinuations made by authors. Statement [sic] that simply do not rise to the level of being defamatory."

 In a statement given to Rolling Stone, Callaway responded: “The judge made the right decision and freedom of speech and art prevailed. I’m relieved to be walking away with my voice and I hope this outcome will deter similar attacks against women and artists in the future.”

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