Watch this woman magically transform into Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes with the help of a wig, makeup and, er, fangs

Jessica Conrad of TikTok and Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon
(Image credit: TikTok, Matthew Baker/Getty Images))

The musicians that we love inspire us in many ways; sometimes we want to play music like them, act like them, or in TikTok personality Jessica Conrad's case, look exactly as they do, down to the tattoos on their skin.

Just to be clear, we're not talking about a weird case of extreme copycat behaviour here, we're talking about cosplay, something Jessica is evidently very good at.

In a new video, the TikTokker, who describes herself as an "elder emo" and specialises in creating nostalgia-focused rock content, has posted a 'Before' and 'After' clip, showcasing her transformation into Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes.

By using a contour kit and other makeup products, as well as contact lenses, a brown curly wig and pens/paints to create Oli's trademark tattoos, the cosplayer changes into an uncanny clone of the singer, faux fangs and all.

And if BMTH isn't your bag, Jessica also cosplays as other artists including Motionless In White's Chris Cerulli and emo rap artist Sueco. Another cosplay favourite of Jessicas is a 2000s scene kid, sporting a huge side-parted wig, bright makeup and fishnet gloves.... all she needs now is a When We Were Young festival pass to complete the look.

Check out Jessica's impressive Oli Sykes cosplay below:


♬ sTraNgeRs - Bring Me The Horizon

Earlier this year, the real Oli Sykes - we think! - discussed how Bring Me The Horizon have evolved as a band, and how they eventually won over the haters and put a stop to much of the criticism they received in their formative years. 

"I don’t quite know how we’ve turned things around," Sykes admitted in conversation with The Telegraph. "We were so derided 15 years ago, it felt like we were getting on everyone’s tits. I’ve got zero bitterness to anyone who used to hate our band though. If I weren’t in it, I’d have probably thought we were a bunch of wankers as well.

"We’ve worked hard to become a proper band though and I think people respect that. It feels like people are on our side now, rather than constantly trying to knock us down a peg."

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