Watch this witty genius create his own Slipknot song using a lyric generator and some serious guitar skills

Steve Terreberry's Slipknot song
(Image credit: Steve Terreberry)

Remember that clever chap who pretended to be each member of Metallica in a hilariously clever skit? Well, that very same smart ass, Steve Terreberry, has also created his own parody of Slipknot, titled How To Be Slipknot, and it's both seriously brilliant, and admirably bat-shit.

At the beginning of the video, the self-proclaimed 'Djent God/guitar shredder/triangle officianado' "steals" his electrician's boiler suit, which he accessorises with a strange, toothy visor.   

Wardrobe choices made, he starts to write his very own Slipknot song, commencing with a drop-tuned guitar riff. But after hammering out an impressive hook, he decides that he doesn't actually want it to sound too "catchy", or like a metalcore song, before coining the quip "metalCOREY Taylor". His main goal for the guitar part is to sound "creepy", an element which he describes as being in all "signature Slipknot songs".

Following the introductory riff, he swaps out his mask for a plague doctor visor (which he continually sucks into his face like a hilarious buffoon), and tackles the guitar part for the verse. After another visage change - this time, a pigeon head - he tries his best to mimic the sound of late Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison via a drum machine.

Possibly the most amusing part of his recreation however is his attempt to copy frontman Corey Taylor's vocals, after creating lyrics from a lyric generator an array of prompted words such as "devil", "shit" and "disease".

"So a trademark of Corey Taylor's vocals is switching between ANGRY!! and clean singing" he explains helpfully, demonstrating exactly what he means with comical enthusiasm. Trust us, this part you won't want to miss.

Having nailed the song, Terreberry then goes all in, and films his own Slipknot-inspired video. And honestly, if someone was to tell us this was an official release by the Iowan metal heavyweights, we'd believe them. Top marks.

Check out the music video and creative process below:

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