Some smart ass has created a Metallica skit pretending to be the band in the studio, and the Lars Ulrich impression has us screaming

Steve Terreberry Metallica skit
(Image credit: Steve Terreberry)

YouTuber Steve Terreberry has created a soap-style skit inspired by what shenanigans and general happenings he thinks unfold when Metallica enter the studio, and the results are pretty amusing. 

To kick off the video, the 'Djent God/guitar shredder/triangle officianado' Terreberry begins by expressing his love for the San Francisco metallers, adding in a quick disclaimer to save him from the "grief" of Metallica fans diving to the band's defence over what might be construed as offensive or hating in the video.

Following the warning, Terreberry dives into a rehash of American smash sitcom Friends' opening sequence, but with himself (and a friend) dressed as each Metallica member wearing hilarious wigs while frolicking infront of a green-screened fountain. 

For the iconic 'clap' within the song's introductory verse, the YouTuber even incorporates the infamous St. Anger snare sound, by banging on a trash can lid. 'Washed up and almost broke, your drummers' four foot three, but we'll make it through, as long as we stick together, but 'till someone says that Megadeth is better' he sings, before ending on a token Hetfield 'YEAAAH'. It's all very corny stuff, be we can't help but chuckle along.

While in the 'studio', frontman 'James Hetfield' tries to teach softly-spoken guitarist 'Kirk Hammett' a down-picked guitar riff, although struggles, as the latter is too engulfed in trying to make things more technical and less thrashy. During the session, they also receive a bitter phone call from a mysterious hater - who strangely sounds a lot of like 'Dave Mustaine'.

Meanwhile, drummer 'Lars Ulrich' obnoxiously chews gum in the background, while complaining of new websites that allows fans to stream their music for free (obviously making fun of that weird time when Lars tried to take on Napster). 

Later, Hetfield shows Hammett a guitar solo he recorded onto his phone, rather than letting the guitarist take control of the part himself. Displeased with the amount of 'wah' in the mix however, Hammett adds on the effect by putting his mouth over the microphone and moving his mouth.

Honestly, it's pretty funny, and there's plenty of more bone-tickling moments, such as when bassist 'Robert Trujillo' enters the studio and has his bass strap so low the instrument is touching the floor, all while he runs around like a crab. Quality stuff.

Watch the full video below:

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