Watch this TikToker shred System Of A Down’s Chop Suey… on a ukulele

System Of A Down
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Chop Suey is one of System Of A Down's most beloved - and highest streamed - songs, so its not uncommon to stumble across a litany of covers in all shapes and sizes online. But TikToker Taimane Gardner has found one way to stand out from the pack - by blasting it out on the ukulele. 

It's not just System Of A Down she jams either, as she switches things up to play a covers medley of four songs, challenging listeners to name the four songs being played. 

With no lyrics to help things along and just basic chord structures as a base, it's a bit of a challenge but we're fairly certain we're at least partway there, presuming the last one is Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit

Either way, Taimane's talent is undeniable as she deftly shreds on the ukulele like few have done before. It's no wonder she's created a TikTok account dedicated to her renditions of popular songs on the ukulele, blasting each song out with a nimble-fingered approach that would do the likes of Yngwei Malmsteen or Rodrigo y Gabriela proud.

It's been a few years since the ukulele trend died down (around 2015 it was everywhere - film, TV... even Eddie Vedder wasn't safe from jumping on the bandwagon) but we're all for a revival if other players can come out half as talented (or shred-friendly) as Taimane.

With over 5000 followers on TikTok and covers ranging from Daft Punk's Get Lucky to The Addams Family theme, Taimane's popularity shows there's nothing you can't do with a  ukulele, some deft chord changes and a bit of creativity. 


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