Watch this drummer turn Metallica's Master Of Puppets into a killer death metal song with face-melting blast beats

66Samus covering Master Of Puppets on drums
(Image credit: TikTok)

While there have been plenty of great (and, to be fair plenty of questionable) Master Of Puppets covers out there recently, mainly thanks to the song's involvement in the sci-fi/horror smash series Stranger Things earlier this year, we've been yet to hear the Metallica anthem played in the style of a death metal song...that is, until now.

Courtesy of Youtuber and Twitch streamer Samus (@66samus), the classic thrash rager has been given a new spin with added ferocious blast beats and a quickened tempo, and the results are totally brutal. We also can't help but admire the level of skill that's gone into this revamp.

Somewhat mean-spiritedly, many fans in the comments appear to be riffing off the joke that Samus is actually a better drummer than Metallica's Lars Ulrich, with some suggesting that the San Francisco metal heavyweights recruit the Youtube man as an impromptu replacement. Personally, we're Team Lars through and through, but Samus is a hell of a drummer, and after this cover, our faces are now residing in a big pile of mush on the floor. 

"This the way it should have been done🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻" exclaims one commenter. Another says "I want to hear more of this!!! I would totally listen to Metallica much more with blast beats like this."

In his other videos, you can find the drummer unleashing gnarly blast beats on Dragonforce's Through The Fire And Flames, covering a variety of metal songs and er, creating his own guitar pedal that makes fart sounds. We love a versatile king.

If the heaviness of Samus' rendition isn't quite your cup of tea, on the other side of the coin, there's emo/alt vocalist Kala, who created a pop-punk version of Matser Of Puppets earlier this year. Although excellently performed, it's certainly an acquired taste, so let that be a warning.

Watch Samus' death metal version of Master Of Puppets below:


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