This pop punk cover of Master Of Puppets has got enraged Metallica fans baying for blood

Kala performing Master Of Puppets cover and Metallica's James Hetfield
(Image credit: @prodbykala, Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Is the sun shining? Is your day off to a perfect start? Are you feeling like your life is finally starting to come together? Well, sorry folks, here comes the dark clouds...

The internet has uncovered the existence of a pop-punk cover of Metallica's Master Of Puppets which might just have you binning your Netflix subscription and cursing the gods for allowing the creators of Stranger Things to propel the title track of the quartet's formidable third album into mainstream consciousness, courtesy of the show's highly-charismatic metalhead Eddie Munson.

This new rendition of the thrash classic was created by emo/alt vocalist Kala, who, to be fair, is a seriously talented musician, with a TikTok channel full of brilliant covers, including Linkin Pink's In The End, Paramore's Decode and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Facedown, to prove it.

So, it pains us to have to warn you that hearing this cover of Metallica's rager might have you regurgitating your breakfast. 

Hearing James Hetfield's bellowing roar replaced with sickly high-pitched wails just doesn't feel right. There's no thrashing riffs here either, just angst-fuelled guitar chords for an extra dose of cringe. It's just... wrong.

Dipping into the comments sections might prove wounding for Kala. One TikTok user has written "please don’t ever do anything like this ever again". Other comments include: "Never thought I’d be hearing this" and "This is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard."

To be fair, there are some approving responses too with one fan writing: "Tricky business here but it rocks". While another says: "love the creativity on this , great job 👏 ignore the haters".

But hey, make your own mind up. And after all, it's all just a bit of fun, right? Kala has created a full version of the cover with pop-punk musician Todd Barriage, who's shared it on YouTube.

Check it out below:


♬ Master of Puppets - Metallica
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