Watch Bring Me The Horizon play loads of their old songs live for Oli's birthday

Bring Me The Horizon are currently in the middle of their epic European First Love tour, scheduled to hit the UK next week. But at last night's show in Amsterdam, the Dutch crowd were treated to something special from the Steel City heavyweights.

To celebrate frontman Oli Sykes' 31st birthday, Bring Me The Horizon blasted through a medley of their older, harder, deathcorier tracks including (I Used To Make Out With Medusa) and RE: They Have No Reflections – which haven't been played live since 2009 and 2008 respectively.

You can watch the fan footage below and relive those heady days of This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For and Count Your Blessings.

Last night's Bring Me The Horizon setlist

1. Mantra
2. The House Of Wolves
3. Avalanche
4. Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake
5. Sleepwalking
6. Wonderful Life
7. Shadow Moses
8. Happy Song
9. The Comedown / (I Used to Make Out With) Medusa / Diamonds Aren't Forever / Re: They Have No Reflections
10. Can You Feel My Heart
11. Follow You
12. Antivist
13. Drown (Acoustic)


14. Doomed
15. Throne

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