Unearth The Kings stream new mini-album

Unearth The Kings have made their new mini-album ‘The Southern Necessity’ available as a stream.

The band – who feature members of earthtone9, Cars On Fire and Axewound – funded their EP a successful Pledge campaign, which included the chance to be the recipient of a personalised riff, a drum lesson from sticksman Jason Bowld and, distressingly, your name to be bellowed during coitus by the member of your choosing.

Says guitarist Owen Packard: “Unearth The Kings was an experiment to see if we could write an album totally full of riffs – and nothing else. We just wanted to make a record that was 100%, unapologetic metal. When we were writing it, we just kept saying ‘What would Pantera do?’. And now you can listen to the whole thing for free. Ta-fucking-da!”

He adds: “We sold two of the ‘coitus’ packages. They got a very nice certificate to frame – and to explain to visiting relatives.”

Listen to the album in full below.

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