Tusmørke return with brand new song for younger listeners, Den nye tida

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Norwegian psychedelic prog folk rockers Tusmørke have returned with a brand new song, Den nye tida, which you can listen to below.

The new song is taken from the band's upcoming album Intetnett, which will be released through Karisma Records on October 7. It's the band's third, and, they say, possibly final album aimed at younger listeners. The band released Bydyra in 2017 and Leker for barn, ritualer for voksne in 2019.

The new album covers a wide range of topics, from artificial intelligence to advancements in technology, to the Singularity, and, of course, ancient Mesopotamian gods.

"Intetnett tells the  story of  two evil scientists who plant a self-teaching system onto the computers of an unsuspecting school," the band explain. "The system is called Intetnett, and,  via  the use of electronic impulses, it takes  control of  an ant colony living in the school kitchen.  Needless to say, it also soon takes over the minds of pupils and teachers alike.  The minds of everyone, that is,  except for a technophobic Norwegian teacher, a substitute teacher without login info, and a small group of pupils.

"With the world  slowly slipping into a totalitarian nightmare where no one thinks for themselves, no one dreams anymore, and human culture itself is in peril,  there is someone who is missing the humans! Down in the deepest depths, the old Mesopotamian gods are fading due to the lack of human attention,  and they want to help humankind to regain its freedom. But the only thing that can stop Intetnett is technology from a bygone era - in other words, magic! Thus the Norwegian teacher, the substitute and the children are given instructions on how to summon a Golem, a creature of legend that will be able to confront, and hopefully defeat, Intetnett, thereby  pulling the plug on the dangerous computers."

Intetnett is actually comprised of  two original musicals; Intetnett and Når Enden er Golem, which were written for, and first performed at, the Aktivitetsskolen Nordstrand in 2017/2018.

With artwork by the legendary Norwegian artist Thore Hansen, Intetnett will be available in CD, digital, and limited edition white vinyl formats, the latter of which will come with a 12-page lyric booklet. 

Pre-order Intetnett.


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