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Trujillo explains Jaco crowdfund bid

Robert Trujillo says he has spent “a huge chunk” of his own money on his upcoming Jaco Pastorius film.

The Metallica bass player explained his reasons for launching a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for Jaco: The Film by saying he “didn’t write Enter Sandman.”

Trujillo tells LA Weekly: “When you are trying to do it right, it’s costly. I’ve been a part of this film for five years. I’ve spent a huge chunk of money. It’s great because I feel it needs to be done, but I have responsibilities, too.

“People don’t understand. I didn’t write Enter Sandman. It’s a little different for me.”

Jaco: The Movie is scheduled for a late 2015 release. It includes interviews with the bass icon’s contemporaries, friends and family members.

Trujillo said previously that much of his work with Infectious Grooves was inspired by Pastorius.

Pastorius is widely regarded as one the most influential and talented electric bass players of all time. He worked most notably with Joni Mitchell and The Weather Report and released a string of solo albums.

He died in 1987 after he fell into a coma following a fight with a club bouncer in Florida. He was 35.