Tracks Of The Week: 29/9/14 - 5/10/14


October's here and for some reason the sun is shining! So we've been listening to some kickarse summery tunes... sort of.

Machine Head – Killers And Kings

**Lewis Somerscales: **“Still stuck on my stereo. Still amazing.”

Katatonia – My Twin (live)

**Amit Sharma: **“Infectious gothic misery from the Swedish gloom titans, recorded live in London during the band’s 20th anniversary tour.”

Primus – Golden Ticket

Dom Lawson: “Not liking Roald Dahl, Gene Wilder or Primus is tantamount to admitting that you are a murderous pervert with a horrific body odour problem. The rest of us are free to revel in Les Claypool’s brilliantly unhinged re-imagining of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. None more bonks.”

11Paranoias – Surrealise

Jon Selzer: “A lysergic, doom-laden journey down the rabbit hole, and yes, that really is a saxophone.”

Marmozets – Why Do You Hate Me?

Vanessa Thorpe: “Yes, I’m choosing a Marmozets track again. Is it Scala time yet? Is it Scala time yet? Is it Scala time yet?!”

Evil Scarecrow – Crabulon

Luke Morton: “They stole the show at Bloodstock and their new album is the best thing you’ll hear this year about robots, crab overlords, cyclops and general space shenanigans.”

Black Moth – Tumbleweave

Merlin Alderslade: “Caught them rocking the Underworld on Wednesday and it reaffirmed what an ace young band they are.”