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Tracks Of The Week: 21/7/2014 - 27/7/2014

None of the Hammer lot are at festivals this weekend (we know!), so we've had to make do with the stereo turned up to stupid. Luckily we've had some fucking bangers to choose from – here's our favourites from the past seven days.

Enabler – Close My Eyes

Merlin Alderslade: “A thrashed-up crusher of a track from one of this year’s best albums.”

Baptists – Bloodfeast

Sam Bailey: “One of the best hardcore bands around right now covering a classic Misfits tune.”

Eivør - Trøllabundin

Jonathan Selzer: “A voice that could level cities. Pray to the gods that Wardruna’s Einar puts her on when he curates Roadburn next year.”

Animals As Leaders – Another Year

Amit Sharma: “Fearless musicianship that never ceases to amaze. Tosin Abasi is undoubtedly one of the best guitarists in the world today.”

Aphyxion – The New Breed

Dom Lawson: “Finally, a new band with sufficient skill, spirit and vitality to give melodic death metal a jolting boot up the arse!”

Dead Soul – Kill The Past

Vanessa Thorpe: “Dark, electronic doom blues (yes, it’s a thing) from Sweden that sends shivers down my spine. Hypnotic stuff.”

King 810 – Fat Around The Heart

Lewis Somerscales: “Love or hate these guys there’s no denying they’re one angry bunch.”

Burgerkill – Only The Strong

Alexander Milas: “The world’s first metal head of state was elected this week in Indonesia. Joko Widodo, we salute you.”

The Hell – Groovehammer

Luke Morton: “Loud-ass Watford punk noise to break walls to. You dick.”

Luke Morton